Fight it!

Fight this bill!!! It’s bad news for everyone!


RuneScape Auras

Well… They are kind of a let down… It is also upsetting that I only get 500 points to start out with…. So I can buy like what an emote? Hm…


They are at discount prices!!! You can actually get something cool!

MineCraft – 1.7 STATUS UPDATE!!!

Status update on the MineCraft 1.7. Turns out notch got spammed by so many people telling him “to do it” on twitter — after saying “1.7 is still nowhere near done. If people want, we could do a piston-only release and push the adventure stuff up to the next update.”  — that he decided to push out 1.7 this Thursday! Still only pistons, but I really can’t wait!

*Looks at multiple stacks of slime balls* Mwahaha!!! Finally a good use.

Rewritting clans

I’ve put some thought into our articles on RS Clans Wikia. They need a crap load of work. I’ll be honest it’s embarassing that we keep copying the RS Wikia. I think some major work needs to be done to these articles. I’ll be writing a Forum soon. So that mabye we can get some work done and get things in motion. If everyone did one article revamp a week we’d be done revampijg the entire wiki by the end of the month. I think I’ll look into it alittle harder thou.