Stop Hacking

The first thing you need to know is your dog’s name isn’t a good password as my friend found out. There are thousands of machines running that trying and guess your password so you got to make sure it’s secure or you sad to say, WILL be hacked.

Now for password generation I recommend this tool. It’s a really really nice password generator. Comes in extremely handy.

I also recommend Norton Internet Security or 360. They may slow your computer down some but provide excellent protection.

The other thing you gotta do, not kidding. Make sure you have your email registered & your recovery questions working because even with these precautions you still can get hacked.

And finally watch what you log onto. It’s extremely easy to make a website look just like  You can report these websites to Google, Mozilla, and Microsoft to find out how please see this blog post. This screenshot shows just how easy it is to get the code from the RuneScape websites:

The RuneScape Homepage code viewed in Firefox via rightclick.

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