After 99 Defence?

After 99 deffence you guys might be wondering. Now what XL? Well, I’ve got just what you were looking for:

  1. Slayer to atleast 80
  2. Money (If enough isn’t generated by slayer)
  3. 99 Theiving, Fishing, or the ambitious Construction!

As you can see quite a bit ahead of me that I want to get done. Wish me luck 🙂


Rewritting clans

I’ve put some thought into our articles on RS Clans Wikia. They need a crap load of work. I’ll be honest it’s embarassing that we keep copying the RS Wikia. I think some major work needs to be done to these articles. I’ll be writing a Forum soon. So that mabye we can get some work done and get things in motion. If everyone did one article revamp a week we’d be done revampijg the entire wiki by the end of the month. I think I’ll look into it alittle harder thou.


So Darke Physik of Amanecer — once a good friend of mine — has ticked me off. After flaming chat and calling everyone in cc horrid unspeakable names (so they are speakable o well :P) I have added him to my ignore and Army of Saradomin has canceled their match with Amanecer.