After 99 Defence?

After 99 deffence you guys might be wondering. Now what XL? Well, I’ve got just what you were looking for:

  1. Slayer to atleast 80
  2. Money (If enough isn’t generated by slayer)
  3. 99 Theiving, Fishing, or the ambitious Construction!

As you can see quite a bit ahead of me that I want to get done. Wish me luck 🙂


MineCraft – 1.7 STATUS UPDATE!!!

Status update on the MineCraft 1.7. Turns out notch got spammed by so many people telling him “to do it” on twitter — after saying “1.7 is still nowhere near done. If people want, we could do a piston-only release and push the adventure stuff up to the next update.”  — that he decided to push out 1.7 this Thursday! Still only pistons, but I really can’t wait!

*Looks at multiple stacks of slime balls* Mwahaha!!! Finally a good use.